A Rustic Chattanooga Wedding at The Barn at Drewia Hill | Janelle and Clark

July 12, 2020

Janelle and Clark tied the knot on the most perfect Sunny day in Chattanooga at the rustic Barn at Drewia Hill and I was there to capture.it.all

Rustic and charming and doesn’t-take-itself-too-seriously is how I would describe the feel of the entire wedding. There were so many little surprises about this wedding that showcased Janelle’s fun personality and it was really cool for the guests to enjoy and for me to capture! Very inspired by Kayce Musgraves’ recent wedding, Janelle informed me that the MOST important part of the day was their first kiss and sure enough, just as the officiant said “you may now kiss your bride” and they leaned in and touched lips, a huge blast of confetti went off all around them sending cascading biodegradable confetti swirling all around. It made for a memorable moment and such a cute first kiss shot! I’m now a super big fan of the confetti kiss! Like, everyone should at least consider it!

Another fun Janelle touch was her dried flower pressed wedding cake which she MADE HERSELF. I was first impressed with the cake style since I hadn’t seen one like it yet but then blown away when I found out that she had made it herself the day before!! I can’t even flip pancakes properly sheesh.

While it was insanely hot on the wedding day, like sweat through everything and pray your deodorant holds up hot without a single tree for shade in sight, as the sun got softer in the evening we were blessed with THE most glorious golden hour light. I mean BLESSED. Janelle and Clarks’ images made for some of my favorite wedding portraits of the entire year and in the running for all time favorites too.

If you wind up getting married on an unbearably hot day too, don’t worry it’s ok, drink lots of water and buy a stronger anti-perspirant because come sunset, it’s gonna be magic. Take a look for yourself!


Venue: The Barn at Drewia Hill

Flowers: Flowers By Tami

Invitations: Zazzle

Catering: Cris Cobb (with the venue)

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