An Asheville, North Carolina Cabin Elopement | Katie and Orry

July 12, 2020

This cabin elopement in Asheville, North Carolina took place on the most perfect bright green Summer day. Katie and Orry tied the knot in front of fifteen of their closest friends and family and it could not have been more perfect. From the very first conversation I had with Katie, I could tell we were a good fit. She’s a chill bride, and I’m a chill photographer!

When we first spoke, Katie was sure she wanted to elope at the popular Max Patch location off the Blue Ridge Parkway. She wanted a quiet low key ceremony in a beautiful place and photos were a top priority. Dreamy meadowy hill top images were what she was after. So we planned to hold the ceremony there and I helped them plan the logistics of that choice since I had been there many times before. As we got a little closer to the wedding though, plans changed pretty drastically due to guest list changes. With more guests in attendance and prioritizing their needs, they made the tough call to elope in a more accessible location so more friends could witness the day. It was 100% the right call for them. They didn’t even tell me that their backup location was every bit as stunning though so imagine my surprise when I got to the cabin and saw THAT view. This was no second place elopement stop that’s for sure.

When you’re planning an elopement or an intimate ceremony, there are so many logistical things to think about and you really have to ask yourself what is most important to you and how accessible the location is. No two hikes or locations are exactly the same. Some, are easy access where a small number of guests could attend and others might best be suited for a party of four (parter 1, partner 2, photographer, and officiant.) I talk about the logistics of elopements in another post you can find here.

All said and done though, this wedding wasn’t quite what any of us expected but it was EVERY bit as beautiful!

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Dress: BHLDN

Flowers: Flora


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