• Will you give me the raws?

Nope! I won't. Not because I'm mean or anything, there are just a couple of important reasons why I don't do that. First of all, unless you have professional software to support it, you won't even be able to open those raw files on your computer. And second, you're hiring me in part for my art right? That includes how I process my images. Giving away unprocessed images is giving an unfinished product. I can't do that!

• Can we meet up before I book?

If you're local, heck yeah! I'd love to meet you and grab some coffee. If you're not local, there's always Skype! And we could still have coffee

• What's your delivery time look like?

2 weeks for engagements, 4-6 for weddings!

• How many photos will I get?

There's no exact amount as you won't get them all, (you don't want the blinking photos or derp faces mid sentence yaknow?) but I'll give you whatever is good! For engagements it tends to be under 100 images and for weddings (wedding length and size is a huge factor here) anywhere from 500 to 1,200.

• What happens if I'm getting married in another state?

Not everyone's getting hitched in Nashville. I get it. In that case, I do travel for out of state work. Out of country is cool too. In these cases we'd just have to work out the travel fees. Easy peasy.

• What if we cancel or move the date of our wedding?

Well dang I really hope not, but if you cancel the wedding and I am able to rebook your date, you will receive a refund of your retainer. If you move your date and I'm not already booked I'd be happy to move to the new date with you!

• Do you plan our timeline?

I will definitely give you some input on how long certain things will take to photograph but ultimately I won't plan out the whole day for you. I will however work with your planner to ensure the appropriate amount of time is blocked off for family photos and couple photos and suggest ways to help with the timing!

• How do we get our photos?

You will receive an online gallery where you can view and download all of your images!

• How do I book?

Fill out the contact form and let's chat about what all you need for your day. Once we've got that down, a 50% retainer of the package price and a signed contract is due! Then boom, you're booked!

• What happens if I book you and you are unable to work my wedding?

So this is a big and important question that will have a couple of answers. This of course will completely depend on the situation. If I find out I can't work your wedding far in advance (I think the only thing that would constitute this is if I find out I'm pregnant with a due date too close to your wedding date) then you will receive a full refund of your retainer and I'll try my absolute hardest to help you find a replacement. We'd have about 9 months headway on that one which should be enough time. (FYI I have no plans to be getting pregnant anytime ok, kinda still shellshocked from the first one.) If an emergency takes place close to your date rendering me unable to be there (think life or death situation like a hospitalization or a car accident) I feel pretty confidently that I'd (or my husband on my behalf) would be able to reach out to my community and secure you a replacement, even in such a short period of time. I gotta brag on my photo community for a sec here. We have a SOLID network going on. I've seen a few situations occur for other photographers where they had to miss a wedding and I have NEVER seen that wedding go uncovered. I even stepped in recently for a photographer I have never even met before who's flight was canceled and his new flight would have him two hours late to the wedding. I popped down to the venue and filled in until he got there! This is a rare situation but if it happens, I'll have you covered.