When you hire me, I’m rolling up to your day packing around $20,000 worth of gear. That’s insane. It’s also necessary. I’ve got top of the line equipment that I regularly maintain AND the backups of that equipment should something fail me *knocks on wood*

I’m coming with quadruple the memory cards to diminish the risk of card failure and image loss, I have insurance and liability coverage (which no one thinks about until they need it amiright?), and I’m also *cough*cough* legal so I’ve got what is certain in life besides death, taxes!

As much as I love my job and a lot of times would literally do it for free, I know that I can’t operate at the high level I expect from myself (and that I know you would expect of me too) without a baseline.

I invest in myself so that I can invest in YOU. I hope you understand that investment is a two way street.


Where it starts


8 hours of coverage, my time, and your images beautifully edited and delivered to you in a downloadable gallery with full printing rights.

START AT $2,000


Engagements are offered as either an add on to a wedding package or as a standalone session.


Elopements and Small Ceremonies

Elopements and small ceremonies are fully customized due to their highly varied circumstances. Inquire with me and I'll give you a custom quote.


Extra hours: $250 p/h, Second Shooter: $350, Custom heirloom album: Starts at $600, Glass print box with glass USB: $300, Travel fees: (inquire, customized)

Let's make this officially official