Hi there

My name's Savannah and I enjoy Swedish Abba cover bands, Mitch Hedberg, and taking your picture.

So as embarrassing as it is to admit, what started out as a way to take emo pictures of myself for MySpace wound up becoming something else ENTIRELY. I've always had a thing for light and drama and turning the camera on myself just seemed like the natural thing to do! This is a pretty big advantage for you since I know EXACTLY what it feels like to be on the other side of a lens. If I can take a killer picture of myself, you better believe I can do one even better of you! After a little while of posting my self portraits around, wedding photographers in my area started asking me to come along and shoot with them. That's when I fell in LOVE with weddings. I was hooked after that very first one. Now here I am 4 years later doing weddings on my own and loving every minute of it.

That's my kid over there, isn't he a cutie? He humors me on the regular as self portraiture is still one of my favorite things.